Always Daddy

Friday, November 18, 2011
When I was at the school today, one of the Mom's was asking me if Bella had a crush on any of the boys in her class.  Apparently her daughter and friend did and loved to giggle about it.  I haven't heard her mention anyone so I thought I would ask her.

Mom: So Bella, do you think any of the boys in your class are cute?
Bella (with a weird look on her face): No.
Mom: Not even any of the boys in the other french class?
Bella: No.
Mom: You don't like any of the boys?
Bella: Well, I like Dad.

Enjoy it while you can Bret!

Saying Prayers

Tuesday, November 15, 2011
I have been told it is time to get this blog caught up, so watch over the next few weeks as I attempt to add 6 months worth of posts!
For today, just a cute little note about our Junie.  She has started added a new element to her personal prayers.  She has to pray for all of her Minnie Mouses in all of their costumes.  This takes a little bit because she has a few of them, but it is still pretty cute to hear!

Birthday Lunch

Wednesday, October 26, 2011
When I asked Bella what she wanted to do on her birthday, her first wish was to have someone come to lunch.  She wanted Aunt Heather, but I told her that was impossible.  She was very surprised when she showed up!  She really wanted us to try out the school lunch, "So you know how to get it."  but we opted for McDonalds instead!

French Girl

Sunday, October 16, 2011
This Bella's favorite outfit at the moment.  She feels very french in it!

Our Pumpkins

Sunday, October 9, 2011
We had an awesome pumpkin patch this year.  All the rain made it go crazy and take over most of the garden and even spread to the grass.
 We ended up with 26 pumpkins, ready to carve!
This was one of June's favorites.
And Bella's!
And this one was a perfect seat, I think maybe she was hoping it would turn into a coach for Cinderella.
This pumpkin was everyone's favorite, proving that pumpkins really will grow anywhere!
Check back to see how they looked all carved for Halloween!

The Fall

Friday, September 30, 2011
No picture of this, but I have to remember the big fall.  Tomorrow, we are leaving for Disneyland.  This is the first time I have been completely ready.  The rental car is picked up, the house is perfectly clean, the girl's go bags are packed and ready.  Most of the suitcases are packed, we just need to throw in a few things of Bret and I's and come 3:00 in the morning we are on our way.
I wanted to deliver a birthday gift to one of our sunbeams before we left since we would be missing her birthday, she just lives 4 houses down.  Bella asked if she could ride her bike, I said no, let's walk, but then said okay if you really want to.  She jumped on and took off, without a helmet.  Next thing I know, June and I are walking and I see Bella on the ground a couple of houses down.  I holler, jump up honey, you're okay.  A neighbor, with his wife driving, jumps out of the moving car and comes running up to her.  (He later told me he heard her hit a few houses down, it was so loud.)  The neighbors across the street came running out of their house to because they had heard her hit.  Bella was unconscious for about 30 seconds.  Doesn't sound long, but it was terrifying.  
We started walking her home and she started struggling.  She couldn't think straight, so Bret jumped in the car so we could run her to the hospital.  We passed off June to a neighbor and Bret drove like a madman.  On the way, Bella kept forgetting things, I would ask where we were going and she couldn't remember. (What kid forgets they are leaving for Disneyland in the morning?)  And she would get very upset and ask where June was, crying, don't leave June, Mom, you forgot June.  It was pretty scary, listening to her mind slipping.
We made it to Jordan Valley Hospital, where we were pretty much ignored.  After receiving the response, that they didn't have a room open and it didn't look like anyone was leaving soon, so who knows when our daughter would be seen, Bret picked up Bella and ran her to the car.  She was still having a hard time thinking at this point.  We rushed (running numerous red lights including one on Bangerter, with me screaming, Bret, if we die getting her there, it doesn't do any good!) to Riverton Hospital.
A nurse immediately came out to check her.  Then we waiting a few minutes to find out she had hit her head and had a concussion.  She was going to be fine, we just needed to watch her for a few days, no big rides or spinny rides at Disneyland, careful at the beach.
We headed home for a very anxious night watching her and waking her every few hours.  She was fine, just tired with a headache.  We didn't end up leaving until after noon for our trip, but at least we were still okay to go.  It was a pretty scary experience, and we are just thankful everything turned out okay in the end.  The moral of the story, always wear your helmet!!!!


Sunday, September 25, 2011
Life doesn't get much better than a cousin and a sandbox!  Junie couldn't even take the time to change out of her white dress before she needed to play!